Faculty Hire: Sociology Department, Camilla Hawthorne

May 15, 2018

The Department of Sociology, at the University of California, Santa Cruz is pleased to announce its new Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Inequality, Camilla Hawthorne!

Camilla Hawthorne is a PhD candidate in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley, with a designated emphasis in Science and Technology Studies. Camilla holds an MPA and a BA in International Relations and Africana Studies from Brown University.

Camilla’s work addresses the politics of migration and citizenship, racism and inequality, and intersectional social movements. Current projects include, “‘There Are No Black Italians? Race and Citizenship in the Black Mediterranean,” that explores the politics of race and citizenship in contemporary Italy.  Her article “Italians with veils and Afros: Gender, beauty, and the everyday anti-racism of the daughters of immigrants in Italy” was published in venues including the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and “In Search of Black Italia: Notes on Race, Belonging, and Activism in the Black Mediterranean” was published in Transition. Camilla has received fellowships and other support, including from the Ford Foundation.  Camilla also serves as faculty member and project manager of the Summer School on Black Europe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We look forward to welcoming Camilla to the department in Fall 2018!

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