Undergraduate Advising

Advising is an important part of your undergraduate education. Our faculty, peer advisors and undergraduate advisor play a vital role in advising on all aspects of the Sociology majors and minors. Students considering a sociology major or minor should consult with peer advisors and the undergraduate advisor as early as possible, no later than early to mid-sophomore year. Junior transfer students must begin consulting with the undergraduate advisor in the summer prior to their first quarter at UCSC.  

Undergraduate Advising Information:

In order to align with campus directives regarding the COVID-19 response and to ensure community health and safety, Sociology advising has shifted online. Advising is available via email, phone or Zoom. We will continue to be available in this manner until we are directed to return onsite. When you are emailing us please always use your UCSC email account, and provide your full name and student ID number.

UPDATE: The Undergraduate Advisor will be on vacation August 11-16

Click on the link to review the associated information:

Email Advising:

Please allow 2-4 days for a response, particularly around high volume times such as advising week and enrollment

Contact socyadvising@ucsc.edu for:

  • Anything related to sociology
  • Signature on forms (will all be done digitally)
  • Major progress check questions (please review your academic advisement report first. MyUCSC -> My Academics)
  • Submitting Independent Study to obtain course number for enrollment
  • Checking on the status of course substitution petition
  • Updates needed on your academic advisement report

Contact your College Advising Office for:

  • General Education requirements
  • IGETC questions
  • Unit completion
  • Enrolling in more than 19 units
  • Academic standing
  • Commencement

(starting Fall quarter) Contact sociologypeer@ucsc.edu for:

  • General advising on sociology courses, policies and procedures
  • Course substitution advising
  • Creating academic plans
  • Questions that do not require looking up your record
  • A sociology student's experience or advice on questions you may have

Advising Appointments on Zoom

You may schedule a 30 minute Zoom meeting with me (Undergraduate Advisor) on Slug Success. I have a newborn baby and so my schedule is non-standard. I will often have night time appointments listed in Slug Success. For help with Slug Success, please refer to these how-to guides.

If you are not currently proposed or declared in Sociology but are considering declaring in Sociology, select the "Academic Planning/Guidance” appointment reason when scheduling your appointment.

INTERNET CONNECTION NOTE: I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, with no cell service, and there are times my WiFi goes out. My apologies if this happens for our advising appointment. I will do my best to connect with you as soon as I have internet connection again.

Drop-in Advising on Zoom

Drop-in to chat with me (Undergraduate Advisor) on the following days/times. Click on the link to open the advising waiting room. Once I am ready, I will admit you to the Zoom meeting.
Go to this Zoom Drop-in Advising Room on the Following Days/Times:
  • Monday, June 8th 12-2pm
  • Tuesday, June 9th 12-1pm
  • Thursday, June 11th 2-3pm
  • Monday, June 15th 12-2pm
  • Friday, June 19th 12-2pm
  • Monday, June 22nd 12-2pm
  • Wednesday, July 1st 2-3pm
  • Thursday, July 2nd 2-3pm
  • Monday, August 3rd 10am-1pm
  • Wednesday, August 5th 10am-1pm

 INTERNET CONNECTION NOTE: I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, with no cell service, and there are times my WiFi goes out. My apologies if this happens during drop-in advising. If this occurs, please send me an email (socyadvising@ucsc.edu) so we can schedule a time or see when I am back on drop-in


Combined LALS/SOCY Students:

If you have a question about the sociology part of the major please direct it to socyadvising@ucsc.edu. If you are declaring the major, or have LALS related questions, please direct it to the LALS Advisor.


Common Topics & Questions:


Degree Progress/Where am I with my requirements?

Check your academic advisement report: MyUCSC -> My Academics -> Academic Advisement Report -> scroll down to the sociology sections to review areas that are “Not Satisfied”. You can also review the top of the report for GE requirements, and the bottom of your report for units completed. Any questions about GEs, IGETC, or units must go to your College advising office. Sociology does not advise on these requirements. 



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