Declaration of Major or Minor

Campus Declaration Deadlines 2021-22

  • Fall Quarter: October 22
  • Winter Quarter: February 4
  • Spring Quarter: April 29

Students who enter UCSC as frosh are required to be formally declared in a major before enrolling in their third year (or equivalent). Transfer students must declare their major during their second quarter at UCSC. Each quarter has a declaration deadline by which the major or minor must be declared. Please review the courses required for major qualification our Majors page.

If you have reached your declaration deadline quarter, but have not passed the SOCY major qualification courses yet, please complete the Petition for Sociology Major Declaration. We will follow up with you within seven business days with next steps. In these cases, the department may select one of these options: (1) approve declaration; (2) deny declaration; (3) provide condition of declaration that must be resolved within at most one more quarter.  

I am declaring...


Declare the Sociology BA or the Sociology BA with GISES Intensive Concentration

Step 1: Declaration Form

Complete this online form: Petition for Sociology Major Declaration. You must be signed into your email to have access to the form.

Step 2: Academic Planning Form

  • If You Are Declaring a Single Major in Sociology - Though not required, if you are interested, you may create an academic plan for the major. Please refer to the directions below if you are interested.
  • If You Are Declaring a Double Major or Major/Minor, and Sociology is the First Major You Are Declaring - An academic plan must be on file before you declare a second program. We encourage you to follow the directions below as soon as possible to prepare for your second program.
  • If You Are Already Declared in Another Major, and You Are Now Adding Sociology - An updated Academic Planning Form, signed off by your first major, must be on file in Google Drive (like this one) before your declaration is processed. If you have not done this with your first major yet, or the one you did is out-of-date, please meet with your first major advisor to create/update the plan.

Step 3: Email Confirmation

Once you have completed the above steps, we will declare your major and email you a confirmation. The email may come from or 


Creating an Academic Planning Form

Option #1: Meet with the Peer Advisor during their Zoom drop-in advising hours

Option #2: Make a copy of the academic planning form for the program you are pursuing.

Add the sociology requirements you have completed, have in-progress, and are planning for the future. Refer to the program requirements and the annual course offerings as you create your plan. Please list elective requirements as "SOCY Upper Division Elective" as a placeholder, rather than selecting specific electives.

Once you have created your draft plan, share the plan with Please be sure to check the "Notify People" box. The Undergraduate Advisor will review and follow-up with you about the plan.

 Declare the GISES Minor

Step 1: Pass SOCY 30A with a C or better or "Pass" and be enrolled in SOCY 107A.

Step 2: Declare your major first and have an updated Academic Planning Form on file. The Academic Planning Form (like this one) must be signed off by your major advisor and on file in Google Drive before your minor declaration is processed. If you have not done this with your major yet, or the one you did is out-of-date, please meet with your major advisor to create/update the plan.

Step 3: Fill out the Petition for Sociology Declaration


Declare the Combined LALS/SOCY Major

 The Combined LALS/SOCY major is sponsored by the LALS department. Declaration and academic planning is completed through the LALS department. Please review the LALS declaration requirements.

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