Sociology Majors and Minors

The Sociology department currently offers a Sociology major, a concentration in Global Information and Society Enterprise Studies (GISES), and a minor in GISES. In addition, a Combined Major with Latin American and Latino Studies is offered through the LALS department. Each major and minor is listed below with a link to the requirements page, or you may use the left hand navigation. Each page includes the course requirements, major/minor qualification requirements, downloadable worksheets in PDF format, and sample plans for the majors. For the Sociology minor, please note that it has been suspended as of Fall 2016, however, some students are still eligible. See the Sociology minor page for details. 

Students who enter UCSC as frosh are required to be formally declared in a major before enrolling in their third year (or equivalent). Upper division transfer students are required to be declared in a major by the deadline in their second term at UCSC. Junior transfers must declare their major by their second quarter at UCSC. Each quarter has a declaration deadline by which the major or minor must be declared. Students must complete the lower-division courses needed to qualify for the major/minor, with appropriate grades, prior to declaring the major/minor. Once a student is ready to declare their major/minor, please refer to the declaration page to review the declaration process. While each major/minor requires certain grades in the lower-division courses to declare the program, all other requirements must be passed with a grade of C or better or a Pass (P) to count towards the major/minor (courses required for declaration must be taken as letter grade, see policy). C- grades and below can not be used towards the major/minor.

As of 2016-17 the Disciplinary Communication (DC) requirement is satisfied in the major by completing SOCY 105A and SOCY 105B. The DC requirement in the LALS/SOCY Combined BA is fulfilled on the LALS side of the major.  A DC requirement cannot be substituted.



Sociology B.A.

The Sociology major is a rigorous program of study that retains enough flexibility to accommodate students with diverse career goals and plans. It ensures all students are trained in the main theoretical and methodological traditions of Sociology, yet permits considerable variation in students' own areas of specialization. The Sociology major requires 11 courses, plus fulfillment of the comprehensive requirement which can be 1-3 courses.

Sociology B.A. with an Intensive Concentration in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES)

The Sociology major with an intensive concentration in GISES is an option for students wishing to major in Sociology and focus in the area of Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES), aka the Everett Program. While any student, regardless of their major, can participate in the Everett Program, the Sociology department offers the Everett Program as an intensive concentration in the Sociology major. The major with GISES concentration is designed for highly motivated, self-directed and enterprising students who are interested in deploying the tools of information-communication technology (ICT) and social entrepreneurship (SE) to advance social justice, sustainable practices and progressive institutional change at the global and local levels. Students are expected to design and complete an honors-quality project for a civil society group. Students interested in this program must also review the Everett Program website as well as the GISES major/minor specific information. The major requires 15 courses, plus fulfillment of the comprehensive requirement which can be 1-3 courses.

Latin American and Latino Studies/Sociology Combined B.A.

The combined major in Sociology and Latin American and Latino/a Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study addressing the changing political, social, economic, and cultural realities transforming both Latin America and Latino/a communities. Students are required to take prescribed lower-division courses, upper-division core courses, and upper-division electives from both the Sociology and LALS departments. In addition, students must satisfy a language requirement and comprehensive requirement. See also Latin American and Latino Studies for information about the combined major. This combined major requires 13 courses, plus fulfillment of the language requirement, and the comprehensive requirement which can be 1-3 courses. LALS is the sponsoring department for this major


Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES) Minor

This is the minor version of the Sociology major with concentration in GISES. The minor is in collaboration with the Everett Program.  Students interested in this program must also review the Everett Program website as well as the GISES major/minor specific information. This minor requires 7 courses.

Sociology Minor

The Sociology Minor has been discontinued as of Fall 2016.

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