New Book! How Mediation Works: Resolving Conflict Through Talk (Studies in Interactional Sociolinguistics)

September 16, 2019

How Mediation Works: Resolving Conflict Through Talk (Cambridge University Press, 2019)

Sociology Alum, Angela Cora Garcia, Professor of Sociology at Bentley University, Massachusetts publishes new book on mediation.

About the Book

Using conversation analysis to study the interaction between mediators and disputants, this study shows how mediation is used to resolve conflict in small claims and divorce mediation sessions. Angela Garcia explores the techniques mediators use to help disputants tell their stories, make and respond to complaints and accusations, and come up with ideas for resolving the dispute. By analyzing these techniques in their interactional context, she shows how they impact the experience and responses of disputants, and demonstrates that mediator techniques can empower disputants, maximize disputant autonomy, and display mediator's neutrality while in some cases, the organization of talk in mediation may work against these goals. This book is the first to use conversation analysis to study how mediation works and how mediators can best help disputants.

The book is available for purchase at Cambridge University Press. A kindle version is also available on Amazon.

About the Author

Angela Cora Garcia is a Professor of Sociology at Bentley University, Massachusetts. She conducts conversation analytic research on mediation, emergency phone calls to the police, computer mediated communication, air traffic communication, and political interviews and speeches. She is author of An Introduction to Interaction: Understanding Talk in Formal and Informal Settings (2013).