2017-18 Sociology Undergraduate Student Achievement Highlights

June 14, 2018

Sociology@UCSantaCruz is proud to announce the following undergraduate student scholarship and award recipients, along with those receiving honors in the major.

Sociology of Race, Class and Gender Senior Thesis Award

Keelyanne Hyland

Senior Thesis: An Approach to Service and Support Through a Trauma Informed Lens for Vulnerable Populations of Women Within Santa Cruz County

Faculty Advisor Rebecca London: "In this project, Keelyanne sought to better understand ‘trauma-informed care’ and how it is used in our local context, the challenges that services providers face in implementing this service approach, and how it affects the vulnerable populations it is meant to support. Keelyanne demonstrates through her research the institutional, cultural, and societal barriers facing vulnerable women and how a trauma-informed approach can help to mitigate the injustices that vulnerable women have faced due to their race, class and gender. It has been a heroic undertaking on a scale beyond what I think is expected for an undergraduate thesis and she has done a tremendous job."

Natalie Keller

Senior Thesis: The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Stockton

Faculty Advisor Herman Gray: "This is a pressing and daunting topic with implications and consequences that reverberate across the country. Natalie effectively has carved out a modest but no less impressive way into this large issue.Indeed, she has taken on an issue about which she cares deeply and she has used her research to show how social, racial, and economic inequality operates in the policies, rules, practices and funding of public education which as her case study suggests has far reaching implications for our understanding of the relationship between schools and prisons. That she has taken on this issue with passion, courage, and purpose and that she has used her research skills and intellectual curiosity is an achievement deserving of celebration and recognition."


Fanny Carruthers Sociology Scholarship

Kylee Gonzalez

Recommended by Sarah Rapp: "Kylee is incredibly smart, a fine writer who is also eager to continue her own learning. Beyond that, Kylee has a deep understanding of the multiple and complex challenges that students face, as well as a commitment to social justice issues. Kylee has served in educational roles, such as interning in a continuation school Social Studies classroom, being a peer advisor for marginalized college students, and working as a course assistant for her undergraduate peers. Her major in Sociology and double-minor in Education and History have given Kylee knowledge that she can share with her future students, though what impresses me the most about Kylee is her desire to continue to learn about issues related to teaching and social justice at a much deeper level than the usual norm."


Deans’ and Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award

Natalie Keller

Senior Thesis: The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Stockton

Division of Social Sciences Walsh Family Scholarship

Laura Wishart


Division of Social Sciences Weiss Family Scholarship

Ilene Le

Ruby Diaz De Leon Sanchez


Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship

John Kenney

Asante Nkosi (admitted to UC Hastings School of Law for Fall 2018)


Gold Service Award & the Community Service Project Grant

Krista Lum


Colleges 9 and 10 Leadership Award

Kylee Gonzalez


College 9 Service Award

Huzaifa Shahbaz


Blum Summer Scholar Awards

Aria Critchfield

Project: Initiating Justice During the New Jim Crow   

Ines Galmiche

Project: Abuja Summer Institute


Koret Scholar Awards

Aleya “Lola” Caballero

Project: Brown Girl Pissed

Crystal Gomez

Project: Understanding the Role School Systems Play in the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Socorro Ramirez-Gamino

Project: (Re)membering Citizenship: Memories of Political Membership from ‘Anchor Babies’ & ‘Derivative Citizens’

Invited to Phi Beta Kappa Membership

Students whose academic records reflect both excellence and breadth are invited to join this oldest academic honor society in the United States.

Carol Amaya

Kyra Da Cunha

Kylee Gonzalez

Keelyanne Hyland

John Kenney

Mari Evelin Moreno Velasco

Gabriela Oliveira


UC Education Abroad Program Promise Award

Carol Amaya


SUPERDAR Fellowship (Supporting Undergraduates by Promoting Education, Research, Diversity, and Agricultural Resilience)

Tina Milz


Smithsonian National Museum of American History Fellowship

Rose Rodgers


UCLA's Public Health Scholars Training Program

Kimberly Balmorez


NCAA Scholar Athlete

Zoë Brook


Highest Honors in the Sociology Major

Ginger Guerra

Amber Holguin

Keelyanne Hyland*

Christina Liu*

Mari Evelin Moreno Velasco

Leah Perlin

Erin Ray

Rose Rodgers

Kelsey Schroder

Sara Shahbazi

Laura Wishart



Honors in the Sociology Major

Sara Alhanich

Carol Amaya

Felicie Bajet

Andrea Baldrias

Lauren Bowler

Zoë Brook

Yadira Chavez

Theodore Cheung

Kyra Da Cunha

Teresa Del Toro Gallegos*

Brianna Farasat*

Sonia Fernandez Peña

Pearl Figueroa-Ocampo

Aneke Gleeson

Kylee Gonzalez

Robyn Hatch

Selena Hernandez

Savannah “Hana” King*

Krista Lum*

Alexandra Mandel*

Tiffany Martins

Ana Mendroza Hernandez

Jordan Midyette

Ryann Miguel*

Tina Milz

Cassidy Morris

Kenia Najar Miranda

Omar Paz

Kaylee Roberts

Corinna Anne Sales

Huzaifa Shahbaz

Nisha Sharma

Nikki Stokman-Fuentes

Melanie Waechtler

Katherine Wethington*

Elisa Willes

Courtney Williams

Shannon Wong

Courtney Zuniga*