2017-18 Sociology Faculty Achievement Highlights

July 27, 2018

Sociology@UCSantaCruz is proud to announce the following faculty news, scholarship, publications, and awards received in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Hillary Angelo

Assistant Professor Hillary Angelo with David Wachsmuth published “Green and Gray: New ideologies of nature in urban sustainability policy” in Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 1-19. Hillary received a Berggruen Fellowship, and f was in residence at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge developing a project with Eric Klinenberg on climate change beliefs during the 2017-18 academic year.

Chris Benner

Dorothy E. Everett Global Information and Social Entrepreneurship Chair and Everett Program Director, Professor Chris Benner will become the Faculty Director of the newly established UC Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation starting July 1.

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John Brown Childs

Professor Emeritus John Brown Childs’s commentary about the new book Cape Town Harmonies: Memory, Humor and Resilience, by Armelle Gaulier and Denis-Constant Martin was published in the African Minds Newsletter, Cape Town, South Africa. As a volunteer teacher of the Transcommunality classes in Soledad Prison, John hosted an on campus panel discussion titled, “Transcommunal Cooperation and Peacemaking in Soledad Prison: Teaching and Learning Behind and From Prison Walls.” As part of Sociology@UCSantaCruz’s Spring Colloquium Series, we heard from Barrios Unidos’s Prison Education Project leaders and, by special permission, students in Soledad Prison’s “Cemanahuac/One World Group” class via phone.

In the news: Transcommunal Cooperation and Peacemaking: Testimonials from Behind and From Prison Walls

Lindsey Dillon

Assistant Professor Lindsey Dillon served as a member of the department’s colloquium, executive and graduate education committees. Lindsey co-founded EDGI (Environmental Data and Governance Initiative) and served as chair of its steering committee in 2017. EDGI recently received a $500,000 grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. This year, Lindsey published multiple co-authored articles and book chapters such as: 

In the News:

Hiroshi Fukurai

Professor Hiroshi Fukurai served as a member of the department’s undergraduate education committee and chaired the faculty hiring committee for a new tenure-track assistant professor whose expertise includes quantitative empirical analysis and research in demography, migration, and inequality.

Bill Domhoff

Distinguished Emeritus Research Professor Bill Domhoff was featured in “There Are Currently 4 Black CEOs in the Fortune 500” in The Atlantic; his new book reveals role of U.S. corporate elites in school privatization, foreign policy, agribusiness, banking reform; and His Studying the Power Elite was reviewed in Beyond Chron: The Voice of the Rest.

James Doucet-Battle

Assistant Professor James Doucet-Battle served as a member of the department’s colloquium and undergraduate education committees and was awarded a $4.5K 2018-19 UCHRI Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop Grant for a book proposal “Recruiting Sweetness: Translating Race and Risk in Type 2 Diabetes Research.”

Debbie Gould

Associate Professor Debbie Gould served as a member of the department’s graduate education committee and received the UC Santa Cruz Social Sciences Golden Apple Teaching Award. Debbie provided a Keynote Lecture in the Interdisciplinary Lecture Series, “Politics of Emotion/Power of Affect,” at the CX Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts (Germany) and, was a Guest Researcher at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) in the Department of Sociology and Work Science. Debbie published an essay, “Becoming Coalitional: The Perverse Encounter of Queer to the Left and the Jesus People USA,” in Scholar and Feminist Online (Barnard Center for Research on Women) and “Life During Wartime: Emotions and the Development of ACT UP” a piece previously published in a special issue of Mobilization: An International Journal on emotions and social movements was reprinted in Cultural Anthropology: A Reader for a Global Age (Kenneth Guest, ed.), W.W. Norton and Company (2017).

Miriam Greenberg

Professor Miriam Greenberg served as a member of the department’s graduate education committee. With Professor Steve McKay, she secured over $170,000 in research grants that helped fund their community-based research, as well as 24 paid undergraduate summer research internships related to their affordable housing project. They presented housing research and "community initiated student engaged research" model at multiple academic and public fora including: the ASA annual meeting, United Assoc of Labor Educators Nat'l Conf; the URBAN Research-based Action Network Conf; the Community Engaged Research Institute; Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium kicking off Santa Cruz Affordable Housing Week, and at the collective bargaining session for our UC TA union (UAW Local 2865)!

Rebecca London

Assistant Professor Rebecca London served as a member of the inaugural CITL (Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning) Faculty Fellows group in 2017-18, and served as a member of the department’s undergraduate education committee. She presented and published on the Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust: 

  • London, R & Ingram, D. (2018) “Social Isolation in Middle School,”  School Community Journal, 28(1).
  • Book contract awarded: London, R. Tentative title: Rethinking Recess: Designing Purposeful School Recess for All Children. Peer reviewed and accepted by Harvard Education Press at the proposal stage. Forthcoming Fall 2019.
  • Book chapter: London, R. (2017). “Incorporating Family Engagement Into California School District Accountability Plans,” in Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts, eds. Norris, K.E.L & Collier, S. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. 

In the News:

Christie McCullen

Lecturer and recent department graduate, Christie McCullen developed and is teaching programs on inclusive teaching for CITL (Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning), and the 90-minute primer for the Inclusive Teaching and Inclusive Teaching Graduate Student Certificate Program. Christie was voted as one of students' "favorite faculty" by Oakes and Stevenson Colleges. Christie gave several guest lectures including one at Colleges 9 and 10's Food for Thought program and in the Psychology Department about her dissertation research "Felt Understandings: Talking about Race in Multicultural Classrooms." Christie will present "Race as Community: A Felt Understanding Among Students in a Multicultural Theater Class" at the ASA annual meeting’s roundtable with the Sociology of Culture section.

Steve McKay

Associate Professor Steve McKay served as a member of the department’s executive committee along with chairing the undergraduate education committee. As Director of the Center for Labor Studies, Steve received the 2017 Community Hero Award from the United Way of Santa Cruz County, California State Legislature’s Community Assessment Project - for his community engagement and for his work with Professor Miriam Greenberg, No Place Like Home: Housing Crisis Study. 

In the News:

Jenny Reardon

Professor Jenny Reardon served as a member of the department’s colloquium committee and directed the Science & Justice Research Center. Jenny was awarded the Bessel Prize by the Humboldt Foundation where she was honored to meet the First Lady of Germany. And in her new book, The Postgenomic Condition: Ethics, Justice, and Knowledge After the Genome (University of Chicago Press, 2017), Jenny calls for ‘a new national commission to focus on justice in human-subjects research.’ 

In the News:

Veronica Terriquez

Veronica Terriquez served as a member of the department’s executive committee, as graduate director, and chaired the faculty hiring committee for a new tenure-track assistant professor whose expertise includes theoretical and empirical analysis of public policy and inequality. Veronica published two peer reviewed journal articles, co-authored with Manuel Pastor and USC graduate student May Lin, “How Community Organizing Promotes Health Equity and How Health Equity Impacts Organizing” which appeared in Health Affairs earlier this year. Published in the spring 2018 edition of Ethnicities, “Intersectionality as a multipurpose collective action frame: the case of the undocumented youth movement” was co-authored with two former student research assistants. Veronica also launched the Central Valley Freedom Summer Participatory Action research project in which UC Santa Cruz and UC Merced students are documenting and taking part in voter education efforts in their own communities.

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