Graduate Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge of Debates and Concepts in Social Theory
    Students demonstrate knowledge of fundamental classical and contemporary social theory, especially that most relevant to their chosen area(s) specialization.

  1. Knowledge of Research Methods
    Students demonstrate knowledge of social science research methodologies, especially those appropriate to their chosen area(s) of specialization.

  1. Knowledge of Fields of Specialization
    Students demonstrate knowledge of at least two sociological sub-fields and related literatures. 

  1. Ability to Design and Complete an Original Independent Research Project
    Students demonstrate the ability to design and conduct independent research and produce written analysis based on that research.

  1. Ability to Communicate Effectively 
    Students demonstrate the ability to communicate, orally and in written form, about their research and other scholarly work.

  1. Ability to Teach
    Students demonstrate the ability to teach college-level sociology courses.

  1. Knowledge of Ethics
    Students demonstrate knowledge of ethical considerations associated with research in their subfield.