Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

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Students who are interested in receiving units for an internship or volunteer opportunity should review the individual study process.

Click on the link above to access. This list contains opportunities on and off campus, and can be sorted by organization, location, available positions, paid/unpaid, description, URL, due date and keywords. If you have opportunities to add to this list, please email your information to:

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For a complete list of campus and non-campus internships see the Career Center website.

The Everett Program is a highly innovative, student-managed program that deploys the tools of information-communication technology (ICT) and social entrepreneurship (SE)  to advance social justice, sustainable practices and progressive institutional change at the global and local levels. (see:  Everett is sponsored by the Center for Global, International, and Regional Studies (CGIRS) and the Division of Social Sciences.  Since 1998, the Everett Fellows have mentored and funded hundreds of info-savvy social entrepreneurs from UC Santa Cruz to design, implement and manage collaborative projects with civil society, community and non-profit groups. Practically, the Everett Program empowers students to focus their passion for social change by teaching them how to research, plan, design, fund, and implement ICT-driven projects in partnership with excluded communities.  Everett-sponsored students have worked with Muslim feminists in Malaysia, coffee farmer co-ops in Central America, democracy advocating NGOs in Ghana and aspiring high school students in Watsonville.  As managers of the program, Everett Fellows teach sections and mentor students enrolled in the intensive major and minor in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES) which is sponsored by the Department of Sociology.

GISES is a year–long course series, SOCY 30A/B/C, and meets on TTh 5:20-6:55pm. Students are encouraged to come to the first class regardless of year or status on MyUCSC.  For more information on the GISES major and minor, please consult the majors and minors page.

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