Sociology Faculty

Amy Argenal
  • Pronouns She/Her/Hers/ Ella
  • Title
    • Assistant Teaching Professor of Community-Engaged Research and Learning
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Sociology Department
  • Affiliations Legal Studies, Center for Labor Studies
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  • Office Location
    • Rachel Carson College Academic Building, Rachel Carson College 312
  • Office Hours Th-1:00pm-3:00pm drop-in- Rachel Carson 312 By appointment- UPDATES IN OFFICE HOURS: No drop-in office hours Weeks 3 and 4 (April 18 & 25)
  • Mail Stop Rachel Carson College Faculty Services
  • Mailing Address
    • 1156 High St.
    • Santa Cruz CA 95064
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Community-based Research, Human Rights, Immigration

Selected Publications


Pak, J., Gurung, J. & Argenal, A.  (2023).  Refugee and immigrant youth leaders: Strengths, futurity, and commitment to community.  Social Science 12(11), 640. 


Argenal, A., Hernandez-Arriaga, B., García, C. & Chávez, A. (2023).  Querida América: Narrativas contra el protocol de protección a migrantes.  In C. Tigau, S. Sahoo & W. Gois (Eds), Migración, diásporas y Desarrollo sostenible: Perspectivas desde las Américas, (27-41).  Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 


Hernandez- Arriaga, B. & Argenal, A. (2023).  Dreams of an education from Tent Zero: A case study of asylum-seeking children impacted by Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) at the U.S. Mexico border.  In A. Wiseman & L. Damaschke-Deitrick (Eds), Education for refugees and forced (im)migrants across time and context, (pp. 75-88).  Emerald Publishing. 


Argenal, A. (2022). Human rights narratives from Myanmar: Decolonial and relational approaches to solidarity.  International Journal of Human Rights Education, 6(1), 1-30. 


Hernandez-Arriaga, B. & Argenal, A. (2022).  “Todos Somos Humanos, Danos Una Oportunidad”: Amplifying Voices of Asylum Seekers through Activism Accompaniment In C. Magno, J. Lew, & S. Rodriguez (Eds), (Re) Mapping migration and education: Centering methods and methodologies, (pp 158-175).  Brill.


Hernandez-Arriaga, B., Garcia, C., Argenal, A. & Chavez, A. (2022).  Querida America: Testimonios of faith, solidarity, and survival along the U.S./ Mexico border.  In S. Deb & B. Gerrard (Eds), Handbook of health and well-being: Challenges, strategies and future trends (pp.83-96).  Springer.


Bajaj, M. & Argenal, A. (2021). Reclaiming Spaces, Reshaping Practices: Yoga for Building Community and Nurturing Families of Color. In Hagan, C. (Ed), Practicing yoga as resistance.  Routledge. 


Argenal, A. (2021).  Centering relationships in the dissertation: Conducting PAR as a way to build relationships outside of the academy.  In S. Atalay & A. McCleary (Eds.), The community-based PhD: Complexities, triumphs, missteps and joys of conducting community-based & Participatory Action Research as graduate students. University of Arizona Press.  


Argenal, A. (2018). Teaching privilege that is mindful of identity development. Connections Quarterly: Privilege, 37(4), 11-15.


Koirala-Azad, S, Zanoni, K. & Argenal, A.  (2018).  Critical reflections on the positionality of human rights educators working in diverse contexts.  In S.M. Akpovo, M.J. Moran & R. Brookshire (Eds.), Collaborative cross-cultural research methodologies in early care and education contexts (pp. 81-98).  Routledge.  


Bajaj, M., Canlas, M. & Argenal, A. (2018).  Human rights education and critical pedagogy for marginalized youth.  In N. Palaiologou & M. Zembylas (Eds.), Human rights education and citizenship education: Intercultural perspectives from within an international context (pp.12-28).  Cambridge University Press.  


Bajaj, M., Argenal, A. & Canlas, M.  (2017).  Socio-politically relevant pedagogy for immigrant and refugee youth.  Equity & Excellence in Education 50(3), 258-274. 


Bajaj, M., Argenal, A. & Canlas, M.  (2017).  Between rights and realities: Human rights education for newcomer youth in an urban public high school.  Anthropology and Education Quarterly 48(2), 124-140.


Argenal, A. (2016). Social Justice: The learning in service learning. Connections Quarterly: Social Justice, 36(1), 6, 22-24.


Canlas, M., Argenal, A., & Bajaj, M. (2015). Teaching human rights from below: Towards solidarity, resistance and social justice. Radical Teacher: A Socialist, Feminist, and Anti-racist Journal on the Theory and Practice of Learning, 103(Fall), 38-46.


Argenal, A. & Jacquez, T.  (2015). Critical service learning and social justice: A holistic curriculum. In O. Delano-Oriaran, M. Penick-Parks & S. Fondrie (Eds.), The Sage Sourcebook of service learning and civic engagement (pp. 61-65). Sage reference.