Education Abroad Programs

We encourage all sociology students to consider planning for an education abroad program. Through academic coursework, internships and experiential learning, UCSC Study Abroad hopes to provide UCSC students the opportunity to graduate with an international experience. As a sociology major it's important to experience other cultures and societies first hand, so don't miss this opportunity to travel, explore, and learn!

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Elective Course Substitutions

With over 40 countries to choose from, it's easy to find a program or course that can satisfy a requirement in your major or minor. Students who complete an Education Abroad Program may be eligible to use their course(s) for elective substitutions in the sociology majors/minor. Hundreds of courses have already been previously approved, and hundreds more can be approved through a simply petition process. 

In general, it is always advisable to save your course materials. In some cases, a course substitution petition may need supplemental materials so hold on to your syllabi, exams, assignments, and readings from your abroad program.

Ready to start the process? Review our course substitution page for policies and procedures.

Sample Academic Plans

No matter your major or minor in the sociology department, you can create a plan that will allow you to participate in an education abroad program. Below you can review a few of the most popular plans for a Sociology student, but there are dozens of variations possible! Mention education abroad the next time you meet with us to create a plan that works for you.



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