Sociology Staff

Sociology@UCSC is staffed by an interracial international politically charged team who are educated in the fields of community studies, creative writing, critical dance theory and performance management, feminist studies, fine art, literature, and sociology. They most sincerely love the various and extensive roles they play within the department and its community.

Colleen Kimberly Stone
  • Pronouns Use my name
  • Title
    • SJRC Manager
    • Sociology Department Assistant
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Science & Justice Research Center
    • Sociology Department
  • Phone
    831-459-2653 (SOCY), 831-459-2849 (SJRC)
  • Email
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  • Office Location
    • Rachel Carson College, Room 223
    • Oakes College, SJRC, Room 233
  • Office Hours SJRC: Mon (9-12), Tues/Wed (9-5); Sociology: Mon (1-5), Thur/Fri (9-5)
  • Mail Stop Rachel Carson College Faculty Services
  • Mailing Address
    • 1156 High Street
    • Santa Cruz CA 95064

Summary of Expertise


  • Programming, Conferences and other Gatherings, Visiting Scholar and Artist-in-Residency Programs
  • Academic Personnel, Budget and Resource Management
  • Research Profile and Foci Administrative Management
  • Fundraising Outreach and Donor Cultivation
  • Curriculum Building and Training Program Management
  • Raising the Science and Justice Public Platform: development, engagement, activism 


  • Events, Colloquium Series, Professionalization Workshops
  • Finances and Fundraising Outreach
  • Website and Social Media
  • Faculty Research Administration and Award Support

Research Interests

Institutional accountability; production and dissemination of knowledge; professional development of graduate students, staff and faculty.

Biography, Education and Training

University of California, Riverside:
B.A. Critical Dance Studies (History and Theory)
B.A. Sociology (Intercultural and Interpersonal Relations)

Mt. San Jacinto College, San Jacinto CA:
A.A. Humanities 

Colleen Stone manages all public relations and administrative aspects of the Science & Justice Research Center, its projects and grants, curriculum, training and visitor programs. Additionally, Colleen is the department assistant for Sociology, supporting faculty and staff driven research. Before coming to UCSC, Colleen worked for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department; taught Conversational English at Xin Huaizhong (Huai’an High School) in China’s Jiangsu province; and held several corporate retail administrative management positions. She holds an AA in Humanities from Mt. San Jacinto College, a BA in Sociology with a concentration in intercultural and interpersonal relations as well as a BA in Dance that focuses on choreographic research together with cultural and historical studies (Critical Dance Studies) from the University of California, Riverside. Colleen has been a freelance dancer, choreographer, production management assistant and production designer and technologist since 1997 mostly throughout Southern California theatres and is currently interested in devising original arts pieces expanding science-and-justice themes with public engagement.