Sociology B.A. Requirements

The following information is from the 2019-2020 catalog requirements, effective Fall 2019. 
For prior catalog years, see worksheets at the bottom of this page.

Course Requirements

2019-20 Curriculum Chart Worksheet (pdf)

TWO Lower-Division Courses Required to Qualify to Declare the Major

Select two of the following three courses. Both courses must be passed with a C+ or better prior to declaring the major.

  • SOCY 1 Introduction to Sociology - Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • SOCY 10 Issues and Problems in American Society - Offered Winter and Summer
  • SOCY 15 World Society (CC GE) - Offered Fall and Summer

The remaining SOCY requirements listed below must be passed with a C or better or "Pass" grades.


TWO Lower-Division Core Courses

Both courses must be taken.

  • SOCY 3A The Evaluation of Evidence - Offered Fall and typically in the Summer
    • Double majors with Psychology may substitute SOCY 3A with PSYC 100.
    • Double majors with Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) may substitute SOCY 3A with LALS 100A.
  • SOCY 3B Statistical Methods (SR GE) - Offered Winter and sometimes in the Summer (not Summer'19)
    • Students are encouraged to take SOCY 3B with the Sociology department, however, SOCY 3B can also be substituted with STAT 5 (formerly AMS 5), STAT 7 (formerly AMS 7), PSYC 2, or equivalent. AP Statistics score of 4 or 5 satisfies the SOCY 3B requirement.


TWO Upper-Division Core Courses

Both courses must be taken, in sequence, starting with SOCY 105A. SOCY 105A and SOCY 105B also satisfy the Disciplinary Communications (DC) requirement for the major. 
  • SOCY 105A Classical Social Theory - Offered Fall, Winter, and typically in the Summer
  • SOCY 105B Contemporary Social Theory - Offered Winter, Spring, and typically in the Summer


FIVE Upper-Division Elective Courses

  • Three of the five required upper-division electives must be regular Sociology electives at UCSC, numbered SOCY 110-189. Courses vary yearly.
  • Two of the five required upper-division electives may be course substitutions


ONE Comprehensive Requirement

Students may choose one from the following options:

  • SOCY 196A Capstone: The Sociologist as a Public Intellectual - Offered Spring quarter only. May be taken Junior or senior year. 
  • Senior Thesis: Students must enroll into 10-15 units of individual study courses.  SOCY 195A and SOCY 195B enrollment is mandatory, while SOCY 195C is optional as some student may complete their thesis in two quarters. Two quarters of thesis work is required but three quarters is recommended. For more information, refer to the senior thesis page.


Sample Plans:


Prior Year Major Worksheets and Sample Plans

Download the major worksheet (PDF) and sample plans for the catalog year you are following.