Sociology Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes for the B.A. Degree in Sociology:

  1. Critical Thinking: The ability to demonstrate critical thinking through the ability to analyze and evaluate social, political, and/or cultural arguments.

  2. Sociological Understanding: The ability to demonstrate sociological understandings of phenomena, for example, how individual biographies are shaped by social structures, social institutions, cultural practices, and multiple axes of difference and/or inequality.

  3. Written and Oral Communication: The ability to formulate effective and convincing written and/or oral arguments.

  4. Social Theory: The ability to demonstrate an understanding of, and the ability to use, several of the major classical and/or contemporary perspectives in social theory.

  5. Methodology: The ability to demonstrate an understanding of several of the major social science research methodologies.

  6. Substantive Areas: The ability to demonstrate knowledge of some of the key substantive areas within the field of sociology.