Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES) Minor

The following information is from the 2019-2020 catalog requirements, effective Fall 2019. For prior catalog years, see worksheets at the bottom of this page


Important Notes:

Students should also refer to the Everett Program website and the GISES website. for information and project examples. The Everett Program is an option for any student, regardless of their major or minor. Through the Sociology department you can make the Everett Program into a major or minor. Students must be declared in a major prior to declaring a minor.

Students who are in their senior year and starting the SOCY 30A/107A/107B series must speak with the program director, Chris Benner, or the managing director, Katie Roper. SOCY 196G, the Project Practicum requirement, is offered Fall quarter only and must be taken after completing SOCY 107B. This places your graduation in Fall quarter, after the commencement ceremony in Spring quarter. Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor if you have any questions.

Students who are already majoring in Sociology BA, may not add GISES as a minor, instead this program is already built together as the Sociology BA with concentration in GISES.


Course Requirements

2019-20 Curriculum Chart Worksheet (pdf)

ONE Lower-Division Course Required to Qualify for the Minor

Students must complete SOCY 30A with a grade of C or better and receive approval from the Program Director in order to declare the minor. Approval takes place in SOCY 30A. Students must also be declared in a major prior to declaring a minor.

  • SOCY 30A Introduction to Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (PE-T GE) - Offered Fall


TWO Upper-Division GISES Core Courses

The following two courses must be completed in Winter and Spring immediately following SOCY 30A

  • SOCY 107A (formerly SOCY 30B) Designing ICT Projects for Social Enterprise - Offered Winter
  • SOCY 107B (formerly SOCY 30C) Project Implementation and Grant Writing (3 units) - Offered Spring


THREE Upper-Division Elective Courses

  • Electives must either be from the Sociology Department at UCSC, numbered SOCY 110-189, or from the list of approved electives for GISES.
  • 5-unit Independent Studies taken with the Program Director, Professor Chris Benner, are approved to count as upper division electives.
  • All other upper division electives must be petitioned with the Program Director, Professor Chris Benner. Electives must be upper division and 5 units at UCSC (abroad courses may carry different units). If you are petitioning a new course for approval, please complete this online form. 


ONE Project Practicum

  • Students must complete a GISES capstone project, SOCY 196G Project Practicum, offered Fall quarter only. Pre-requisite: Completion of SOCY 107B
  • Students must also refer to the Project Practicum guidelines on the GISES website


Prior Year Major Worksheets

Download the minor worksheet (PDF) for the catalog year you are following.