Sociology B.A. with an Intensive Concentration in GISES

Sociology Major with an Intensive Concentration in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES) Requirements for the 2017-18 Catalog

Please also refer to the major worksheet and sample plans found at the bottom of this page


Students should also refer to the Everett Program website and the Everett/GISES website for information and project examples. The Everett Program is an option for any student, regardless of their major. If you are majoring in Sociology, you can add the Everett Program to your major through the GISES intensive concentration.

Students who are in their senior year and starting the SOCY 30A/B/C series, must speak with the lead director, Professor Chris Benner, as typically the SOCY 196G Project Practicum course is taken after SOCY 30C is complete. This may mean that you can not graduate by Spring quarter, and you may need an extension to Summer or Fall quarter. Please review Project Practicum information below.

Sociology students who started with the Sociology BA and are now switching to the Sociology BA with GISES concentration should not assume that the electives they applied to the Sociology BA can also be applied to the electives in the Sociology BA with GISES concentration. Please review the elective requirements below.

FIVE Lower-Division Courses Required to Qualify for the Major and Concentration

Students qualify for this major in two steps: (1) qualify for the Sociology major by completing SOCY 1 and SOCY 15 with grades of C+ or better; (2) qualify for the GISES concentration by completing all five courses listed below with a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or better, and obtain approval and signature on the declaration form/academic planning form from the Program Director, Professor Chris Benner. SOCY 30A, 30B and 30C should be taken in the order listed. All five courses must be taken as a letter grade.

  • SOCY 1 Introduction to Sociology - Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • SOCY 15 World Society (CC GE) - Offered Fall and Summer
  • SOCY 30A Introduction to Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (PE-T GE) - Offered Fall
  • SOCY 30B Desgining ICT Projects for Social Enterprise - Offered Winter
  • SOCY 30C Project Implementation and Grant Writing (3 units) - Offered Spring


TWO Lower-Division Core Courses

  • SOCY 3A The Evaluation of Evidence (Formerly SOCY 103B) - Offered Fall and Summer
  • SOCY 3B Statistical Methods (Formerly SOCY 103A) - Offered Winter and Summer
    • Students are encouraged to take SOCY 3B with the Sociology department, however, SOCY 3B can also be substituted with AMS 5, AMS 7, PSYC 2, or equivalents. AP Statistics score of 4 or 5 satisfies the SOCY 3B requirement.


TWO Upper-Division Core Courses

The Disciplinary Communications (DC) General Education and major requirement can be satisfied in the major by taking SOCY 105A and SOCY 105B starting Fall 2016. Prior to Fall 2016, students can satisfy the DC requirement with SOCY 103B.

  • SOCY 105A Classical Social Theory - Offered Fall, Winter, and Summer
  • SOCY 105B Contemporary Social Theory - Offered Winter, Spring, and Summer


SIX Upper-Division Elective Courses

  • Electives must be upper division, 5-units at UCSC (education abroad courses may have different units), and relate to your project or GISES/Everett Program themes.
  • Electives must be justified and approved by the Program Director, Professor Chris Benner.
  • Click here for more information and examples
  • Once the six upper-division electives have been approved by the Program Director, Professor Chris Benner, you must submit the the list of six electives to the undergraduate advisor:  This information must be received in order to complete your graduation check and to update your academic advisement report.


ONE Project Practicum

  • Students must complete a GISES capstone project, SOCY 196G Project Practicum
  • Prior to enrolling into SOCY 196G, students must attend the Project Practicum Info Session. Students can check-in with the program director or the Everett Program team for details and dates. 
  • SOCY 196G is an individual study course. Students must complete the "Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course," which requires a signature from the program director, Professor Chris Benner.
  • Students must also refer to the Everett Program's Project Practicum guide


ONE Comprehensive Requirement

Students may choose from the following options:

  • SOCY 196A Capstone: The Sociologist as a Public Intellectual - Offered Spring quarter only
  • Senior Thesis. Students must enroll in 10-15 units.  SOCY 195A and SOCY 195B enrollment is mandatory, while SOCY 195C is optional as some student may complete their thesis in two quarters. Two quarters of thesis work is required but three quarters is recommended. Thesis courses are added to your schedule as an individual study. For more information, refer to the senior thesis page.


Major Worksheets

Download the major worksheet (PDF) for the catalog year you are following.


Sample Plan for 2017-18 Frosh Student


Sample Plans for 2017-18 Transfer Students

Sample plans #1-3 assume that that you will be transferring in the equivalent to SOCY 1 and SOCY 10, and they vary depending on whether you have completed the equivalent to SOCY 3A and/or SOCY 3B. Sample plan #4 is for student who have not taken any sociology requirements. All plans are flexible and subject to change.

  • Sample Plan 1 - If a student has not completed the equivalent to SOCY 3A and SOCY 3B
  • Sample Plan 2 - If a student has completed the equivalent to SOCY 3B, but not SOCY 3A
  • Sample Plan 3 - If a student has completed the equivalent to SOCY 3A and SOCY 3B
  • Sample Plan 4 - If a student has not taken any sociology requirements for transfer