• Review your academic progress in MyUCSC early in your senior year to ensure that you are on track to fulfill all requirements for graduation. Contact your College Academic Advisor if you have questions about GEs, units, or other university requirements. Or contact the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor if you have any questions or concerns about Sociology requirements.
  • Review your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) often. Sociology major/minor graduation checks are completed based on the information in the student's AAR. If you see an error on the report for the sociology requirements, please inform the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor. If a sociology requirement is listed as "not satisfied" in the AAR at the time of graduation checks, then your graduation may be delayed or denied. It is very important that you ensure your AAR is up-to-date and accurate.
    • If you have completed a course substitution elective that is not listed in your Sociology requirements please remember that you must submit a course substitution petition, even if the course has been previously approved. Course substitutions are not automatic. Once a form is received, and the grade has been assigned, please allow a few weeks for your record to be updated.
  • Apply for graduation in your final quarter. For most students this can be done via MyUCSC. See the office of registrar's website for more information about graduation requirements, and the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.
  • Complete steps with your college, by their posted deadlines, if you intend to participate in their commencement ceremony.
  • The Sociology department does not have a separate commencement, however, we do have an end of year celebration. Students who apply for graduation, students in the capstone, and students with an expected graduation term of W17-F17 will receive an invitiation mid-Spring quarter to the 2017 end-of-year Sociology celebration held on Friday, June 9th 3-5pm in the Rachel Carson College Red Room.

For additional information on graduation please visit the Office of Registrar's graduation Frequently Asked Questions



The department has three types of honors: Department Honors, Department Highest Honors, and Comprehensive Honors.

Department Honors and Highest Honors

A student with a major GPA of 3.75 or better qualifies for honors in the major. A student with a major GPA of 3.9 or better qualifies for highest honors in the major. Per UCSC policy, no more than approximately 15 percent of the graduating class can be considered for honors or highest honors in the major. Courses and units taken to satisfy the major requirements  - excluding the comprehensive requirement - are used to calculate the major GPA. When calculating major GPA, students must refer to the courses listed in the sociology section of their academic advisement report. If additional sociology electives were taken, the academic advisement report will not list these extra courses and they will NOT be included in the major GPA. Only required courses for the major - excluding the comprehensive requirement - will be used towards the major GPA. Please note: LALS/SOCY Combined majors do not have a section in their academic advisement report for major requirements. This program has not yet been coded by the office of registrar. You may always check in with the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor for questions.

At the end of each quarter, once grades are posted, graduation checks will begin. During this time, the student's AAR is reviewed for completion of the major/minor requirements and an honors check is done for majors. However, for students who are graduating in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2017 and are walking in the Spring 2017 commencement, an honors check must be completed prior to their final grades being posted due to the commencement programs. The commencement programs are printed in advance of Spring quarter grades being posted, so we must determine honors eligibility prior to knowing all your grades and prior to the final graduation check. See directions below on how to apply.


Publication of Honors in the College's Spring Commencement Program & Sociology Honors Cords - Due by Friday, May 19th

The call for applying for major honors is sent to the undergraduate sociology email list in May, which students must reply to by May 19th. This application only applies to students who will be participating in the Spring 2017 college commencements, would like to apply for a sociology honors cord, and have not already graduated in a prior term (Summer '16, Fall '16, or Winter '17). Students who graduated in Summer '16, Fall '16, or Winter '17 do NOT have to complete this honors application because their graduation and honors check was completed in a prior quarter, their honors information will automatically be reported to the college's commencement programs, and will already be on the department's list for an honors cord.

For those who need to apply for honors, this application is done prior to final grades posting for several reasons:

  • Grades for Spring do not post until June 20th, while commencements happen June 17-18th
  • If you are participating in the college's commencements in spring quarter, the commencement programs will indicate students who qualify for honors in their major. Those who qualify for honors and complete the steps below, will have their name reported to the college's in order for them to print the commencement programs with your honors information. These programs will be printed starting late May. Since grades are not posted yet, the college's include a "Candidate" option for honors: "Honors in the major" or "Highest honors in the majors" "Candidate for Honors" or "Candidate for Highest Honors." The differences between these honors are included in the steps below.
  • The sociology department will have honors cords for commencement. This application will assist us with ordering cords and distributing them.  

Please review the steps below to apply for honors, by May 19th. Students who graduated Summer '16, Fall '16, or Winter '17 do not need to complete this application (see info above):

  1. Step One: Verify that you are eligible to apply:
    • You have three or less courses remaining in your major, not including the comprehensive requirement (SOCY 196A or B, Thesis, LALS Seminar).
    • You will be participating in the Spring 2017 college commencements. If you are not participating in the college commencement, but would still like to apply to receive an honors cord, please continue with these steps and then notify the undergraduate advisor:
  2. Step two: Calculate your major GPA:
    • Your major GPA includes your lower division courses, upper division core courses, and upper division elective courses, including course substitutions and transferred courses. It does NOT include the comprehensive requirement: SOCY 196A, SOCY 196B, Thesis courses, nor the LALS/SOCY comprehensive options. Nor does it include extra courses that you have taken in addition to the regular requirements (for example if you took 6 electives instead of the 5 required for the Sociology BA, the 6th elective is not included).
    • To calculate your GPA, please refer to this guide and use this GPA calculator.
    • If you need help calculating your GPA, please contact the undergraduate advisor: or a peer advisor:
  3. Step three: Verify type of honors
    • You are eligible for "Honors in the Major" IF you have a major GPA of at least 3.75 and have completed all your major requirements included in the major GPA (which excludes the comprehensive requirement).
    • You are eligible for "Highest Honors in the Major" IF you have a major GPA of at least 3.9 and have completed all your major requirements included in the major GPA (which excludes the comprehensive requirement).
    • You are eligible for "Candidate for Honors" IF you have a major GPA of at least 3.75 so far in the major and have three or less courses remaining to finish your major.
    • You are eligible for "Candidate for Highest Honors" IF you have a major GPA of at least 3.9 so far in the major and have three or less courses remaining to finish your major.
  4. Step four: Apply for honors
    • Once you have completed the steps above, apply for honors using this form (
    • Students in the Combined Soc/LALS major will have their information sent to Alessandra in LALS.


Comprehensive Honors

Comprehensive honors are awarded to students who perform exceptionally well on their senior thesis, if that option was chosen to satisfy the comprehensive requirement.
  • Socy 196A – Capstone: Honors not awarded.
  • Senior Thesis: To receive honors the student’s thesis must be reviewed by both the thesis faculty advisor and second faculty member (a second reader). Both faculty members must recommend honors.