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Spring 2017 Enrollment Information

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1. Important Enrollment Notes for Spring 2017

  • Do not contact instructors prior to the first day of class for enrollment issues, to ask for permission numbers, or to be added to a wait list. If a class is full and you meet the prerequisites/restrictions, enroll yourself to the wait list during your second enrollment appointment. Then crash the course on the first day of instruction. See wait list information below. If you have questions, contact the undergraduate advisor.

  • Your enrollment appointment for Spring has been posted. To find your appointment please log into your MyUCSC account and navigate to "my student center." On this page you'll see an "enrollment date" box on the right side of the screen. The information in the box tells you the date you can enroll, and you'll need to click on the "details" link to see what enrollment times you've received.

  • Shopping Cart Validation Feature and Shopping Cart Appointment: This new feature to the online enrollment system allows you to "validate" your shopping cart prior to enrollment. You will have a "shopping cart" appointment time throughout Advising Week (Feb. 21-24) leading up to enrollment. Validating your shopping cart allows you to check for pre-requisite coursework, time conflicts, and other potential enrollment issues before your enrollment time. One note - enrollment holds are not reflected in the validate shopping cart feature, so be sure to take any appropriate steps needed to resolve any holds prior to enrollment. For instructions on how to use the validate shopping cart feature, check out the Registrar's Enrollment FAQ.

  • SOCY 1 Intro to Sociology: The majority of the SOCY 1 seats will open 9am on the sophomore enrollment day (March 2nd), and a few seats will be open during priority enrollment day (Feb. 27th). If you are a junior or senior sociology student who needs to take SOCY 1 for major/minor declaration, please contact the undergraduate advisor.

  • SOCY 196A Capstone for Senior Sociology Major: If you are a senior Sociology major who needs to take SOCY 196A Capstone course, but you were not able to enroll during your enrollment appointment, please contact me for help ASAP, do not contact the professor. Please contact me ASAP if you find yourself in this situation: undergraduate advisor

    • Students only take one capstone course: SOCY 196A or SOCY 196B. In most cases you are taking SOCY 196A the regular capstone course. See note below regarding SOCY 196B.

  • SOCY 196B Capstone for Senior Sociology majors who were not able to satisfied the DC requirement through the regular pathways: SOCY 196B meets in the same day/time/location and has the same instructor as SOCY 196A, however, 196B students are required to do additional writing assignments in order to fulfill the Disciplinary Communication (DC) requirement for the Sociology major (this does not apply to the combined Soc/LALS majors). Students either satisfied the DC requirement by passing SOCY 103B with a "C" or better or with a "Pass," by Summer 2016, or by taking both SOCY 105A and 105B starting this Fall 2016. Students who were not able to do either should have been in contact with the undergraduate advisor already to discuss taking SOCY 196B this Spring. If you need the SOCY 196B version of the capstone, it is enrollment by permission code only, please email undergraduate advisor if you have not already done so. If you have already been in contact with the undergraduate advisor, you will receive a permission code for SOCY 196B in an email by this Friday. Please let the undergraduate advisor  know if you do not receive a permission code by Monday, February 27th.
  • SOCY 131 Media, Marketing, and Culture: This course explores modern forms of media, marketing, and culture, and the ways in which they are shaped by and shaping of our society. This course contributes to the No Place Like Home project, examining the roots and impacts of the local affordable housing crisis in Santa Cruz. See: noplacelikehomeucsc.org/. Students in the class will conduct original group research projects and audio documentaries. These projects will be compiled in an online hub and exhibited at public events for the project. It is recommended that students also take related course SOCY 139T: Community-Based Research Practicum, with Prof. Steve McKay, involving community-based survey research in the city of Watsonville and south Santa Cruz County. Please review this flyer for additional information and enrollment details.
  • SOCY 139T Community-Engaged Research Practicum: This course is a continuation of SOCY 139T in Winter 2017, in which students are participating in the Santa Cruz housing crisis study with Professor Steve McKay. SOCY 139T is repeatable for credit. While some seats will be open for regular enrollment, there will also be seats that will be by permission code only. To be considered for a permission code for the course please review the course flyer, in English or Spanish, then you must complete this online form (you must be signed into your UCSC account/email to have access to the form). Bi-lingual Spanish speakers are highly encouraged to apply.

  • SOCY 155 Political Consciousness: The Rise of the Right: Professor Emeritus Craig Reinarman will be returning to teach this Spring quarter. Some of you may have taken a course with Professor Reinarman prior to his retirement at the end of Spring quarter 2015. We're excited to have him back to teach a course we have not offered for several years. Given the current political climate, the focus of this course will be on the "Rise of the Right."

  • New Course! SOCY 127P Sociology of Drugs, Botanicals, and Pharmaceuticals: This is a brand new course with Professor James Doucet-Battle. For course details and eligibility see the Sociology course catalog or the schedule of classes.

  • New Course! SOCY/LGST 128C Social History of Democracy, Anarchism, and Indigenism: This is a brand new course with Professor Hiroshi Fukurai. It is cross-listed with the Legal Studies department, offered as both SOCY 128C and LGST 128C. Seats are available through both departments. For course details and eligibility see the Sociology course catalog or the schedule of classes.

  • New Online Course! SOCY 173X Water and Sanitation Justice: This is the first online course offered through the Sociology department and is being taught by Professor Ben Crow.  Enrollment is open to all campus-wide. [Updated 2/23/17:] Students can enroll into an online course through MyUCSC as you normally would. Find the course in the schedule of classes, add it to your shopping cart, and complete enrollment during your enrollment appointment.  For more course info, review this flyer. UPDATE 4/4/17: The course is currently full. If you are interested please wait list for the course but also enroll into a back up course in case this one does not work out. If there are drops in the course the professor will use the wait list.


2. Enrollment Options

If you were not able to get into any Sociology courses or a specific course, please review the following options:
  • Know your wait list appointment and how to use wait lists (see below). If you are eligible for a course but it has filled, your best option is to wait list the course and crash on the first day. If you are not eligible for a course, then your only option is to crash the course on the first day.
  • Review the previously approved elective course substitutions (below), and review the schedule of classes to identify courses you can potentially petition for approval.
  • Crash courses on the first day of instruction.
  • Have an internship or volunteer opportunity (or if you plan to obtain one) that is related to Sociology? Consider getting individual study units. Or search for internships through the Career Center.
  • Are you considering a double major or minor? Explore those interests now by taking one of their requirements.
  • SOCY 1, 10, 15, 3A, 3B, 105A, 105B, and a variety of other electives will all be offered during Summer Session.
  • Consider learning a new language. Not only are you fulfilling units, but you're learning a skill that's very valuable for Sociology majors and in the job market.
  • Still have GEs remaining? Complete them now while you have the time.
  • Remember that you must meet 180 quarter units by the time you graduate. Sociology will not give you all the units you need to graduate. At some points throughout your time here you must take courses that are used just to satisfy units.
  • Enroll into back up courses, then wait list and crash courses later. The later you enroll into courses, the less courses will be available campus wide.



3. Wait Lists

If you have any questions about wait lists, please contact the undergraduate advisor, do not contact the instructor.




  • Check your wait list enrollment appointment, which should be your 2nd enrollment appointment. The wait list appointment is listed along with your other enrollment appointment(s) and has a "10.00" listed under "Max Wait List Units" column.

  • You may only wait list for a course if you meet the restriction and prerequisite on the course. If you do not meet the restriction/prerequisite your only option is to crash the course on the first day of instruction.

  • The last day to enroll yourself to a wait list is April 11th 11:59pm. Wait list enrollment is available before the 8th day of instruction. Note: if you enroll onto a wait list after the first day of instruction, and you did not attend the first day of instruction, it is up to the instructor if they will consider you for a seat in the course. Please check-in with the instructor if you have added yourself to the wait list after the first day of instruction.

  • All Sociology wait lists are set to "auto-enroll," until the first day of instruction. Auto-enroll means that as a seat becomes available, the next eligible student on the wait list will be automatically enrolled.

  • Your wait list position number may not be the order in which students are enrolled. Students often make wait list errors when they are enrolling, which leads to being skipped over on the wait list. Please review the wait list information PRIOR to enrolling onto a wait list to ensure you do not make an error.  Reg FAQ.:"When signing up for the wait list it is important to make sure you do not have any time conflicts and you have indicated the swap you would like to take place if enrolled from the wait list. If there is one of these errors, the process will fail to enroll you, and move on to the next person on the wait list. The wait-list position number may not be the order in which students enroll." In addition to students being skipped over on the wait list due to time conflicts, unit limits, and not using the swap function, students will also be skipped over on the wait list if a full/closed secondary discussion section was selected for the wait list. Please review the information below on "How to Avoid Common Wait List Mistakes"

  • For the Sociology department, auto-enrollment will stop the morning of the first day of instruction (April 3rd). From that point on it is up to the instructor who gets into the course with a permission code. Instructors have their own processes and may not follow the wait list position numbers.

  • If you are not auto-enrolled by the first day of instruction, attend the first day to determine if you will be able to enroll. Attendance in the first class meeting is mandatory. Students who do not attend the first class meeting, the instructor may drop from the course/wait list.

  • The course you wish to wait list for will put you over the 19 unit limit:
    • Issue: Students cannot enroll in more than 19 units until the first day of instruction and the eligibility criteria have been met. You will not be auto-enrolled into the course if you are attempting to enroll in more than 19 units through the wait list.
    • Solution: Swap yourself on to a wait list. Using the "swap" tab in your MyUCSC enrollment page will allow you to choose the course you want to drop from your schedule if you are auto-enrolled into the wait listed course. If you are skipped on the wait list please refer to the email you will receive at the end of the day from the registrar with directions on how to resolve the issue.
  • If you have a time conflict:
    • Issue: If the course you wish to wait list for has a time conflict with a course you are already enrolled in, you will be skipped on the wait list.
    • Solution:  Swap yourself on to a wait list. "Swap" to indicate the course you want to drop that has a time conflict. Or adjust your schedule prior to your wait list enrollment appointment time to prevent time conflicts. If you are skipped on the wait list please refer to the email you will receive at the end of the day from the registrar with directions on how to resolve the issue.
  • Choosing a section:
    • Issue: For courses that have a lecture and section, when you initially add/swap yourself on to a wait list you will need to choose one section to wait list under. You will only be enrolled in the class if the section you selected has an open seat. You may not enroll over the capacity of a section.
    • Solution: Choose a section that fits with your schedule, still has seats available, has the lowest number of students wait listed, and/or sections that are listed at the bottom or are unpopular sections (usually Friday or night sections). If all the sections are full, it is difficult to predict which section might have a seat become available (a student has to drop from that section), so if you have followed the above best practices as much as possible, it is ok if you remain in the section you chose. The registrar will NOT send an email to you to inform you that you were skipped for this reason. Please keep an eye on the schedule of classes to see if it would be beneficial to change the section you have wait listed for. To change your section selection without losing your spot on the wait list, you must contact the office of registrar for help. Otherwise, you may drop from the wait list and enroll again to the bottom of the wait list.



4. Elective Course Substitutions

Course substitutions at UCSC are courses offered through other departments, are upper-division, 5-units, contain sociological content and can be used to satisfy one of the electives for the Sociology major or minor.

  • A Course Substitution Request Form is Required for Previously Approved Courses: A course substitution request form must be submitted online once you pass the course with a C or better. The form can be found under our Forms and Handouts page.
  • To Petition a New Course Substitution: The course must be 5-units, upper-division, sociological, and the syllabus must be submitted with the Course Substitution Petition form to the Undergraduate Advisor. Petitions are reviewed by Sociology faculty members. 
  • Courses Listed Below with an Asterisk (*): These courses have a restriction or prerequisite. Please check the schedule of classes to verify if you are eligible. Some may be as simple as having a certain class level standing or waiting until the second-pass enrollment appointments have ended.


·      ANTH 110Y - 01   The Hands That Feed Us: Labor in Food Systems

·      ANTH 130X - 01   Special Topics in Ethnography*

·      ANTH 145X - 01   Special Topics in Socio-Cultural Anthropology*

·      CRSN 161 - 01   Education for Sustainable Living Program( 5 unit version only)

·      CLTE 110 - 01   Service Learning Field Study (Esprit de Corps, 5 unit version only)*

·       CLTE 135 - 01  Social Justice, Institutions, & Power

·      CMMU 141 - 01   Political Economy of Inequality*

·      COWL 126 - 01   The Trajectory of Justice in America*

·      COWL 138A - 01   The Place of Higher Education in a Democratic Society*

·      ECON 110 - 01   Managerial Cost Accounting and Control*

·      ECON 125 - 01   Economic History of the U.S*

·      ECON 149 - 01   The Economies of East and Southeast Asia*

·      EDUC 135 - 01   Gender and Education*

·      FMST 123 - 01   Feminism and Cultural Production*

·      FMST 145 - 01   Racial and Gender Formations in the U.S

·      FILM 165D - 01   Asian Americans and Media*

·      HIS 110E - 01   Rise of the Machines: Technology, Inequality, and the United States, 1877 to 1914

·      HIS 137B - 01   Africa from 1800 to the Present

·      HAVC 127A - 01   Buddhist Visual Worlds*

·      HAVC 185 - 01   Art and Community: Arts Professions and Community Engagement*

·      LALS 100B - 01   Cultural Theory in the Americas*

·      LALS 115 - 01   Mexico-United States Migration*

·      LALS 124 - 01   Brazilian Cinema

·      LALS 165 - 01   Contemporary Peru

·      LGST 106 - 01   Marxism as a Method* (Cross-listed w/ POLI 106)

·      LGST 113 - 01   Gay Rights and the Law

·      LGST 120B - 01   Society and Democracy in American Political Development* (Cross-listed w/ POLI 120B)

·      LGST 133 - 01   Law of Democracy* (Cross-listed w/ POLI 133)

·      LGST 147B - 01   Psychology and Law* (Cross-listed w/ POLI 147B)

·      LGST 175 - 01   Human Rights* (Cross-listed w/ POLI 175)

·      OAKS 151A & 151B Corre la Voz: Community Literacies and Power& Community Literacies Field Study* (Both must be taken for 5 total units)

·      POLI 106 - 01   Marxism as a Method* (Cross-listed w/ LGST 106)

·      POLI 120B - 01   Society and Democracy in American Political Development* (Cross-listed w/ LGST 120B)

·      POLI 125 - 01   Political Organizations in American Politics*

·      POLI 128 - 01   American Elections and Voting Behavior*

·      POLI 133 - 01   Law of Democracy* (Cross-listed w/ LGST 133)

·      POLI 160C - 01   Security, Conflict, Violence, War*

·      POLI 174 - 01   Global Political Ecology*

·      POLI 175 - 01   Human Rights* (Cross-listed w/ LGST 175)

·      PSYC 146 - 01   The Social Context*

·      PSYC 147B - 01   Psychology and Law* (Cross-listed w/ LGST 147B)




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