Academic Planning

An Academic Planning Form (APF) can be a useful tool as students consider what their time will look like at UCSC. While an academic plan is highly recommended for a student pursuing a single major in sociology, it is a requirement for any student pursuing a double major, a major and minor, or combined major.

The process for creating an Academic Planning Form will differ depending on the program you are pursuing:

  • Sociology BA OR Sociology BA with GISES Concentration Students - Continue with the directions below.
  • Combined LALS/SOCY Students - Contact the LALS advising team to create a plan. LALS has their own planning forms.
  • GISES Minor Students - Students pursuing a minor must first have a plan created and on file for their major. Please work with your major advisor if you don't have a plan yet or if the existing plan is outdated. Once the major plan is on file, contact for helping creating the GISES minor plan.


How to Create an Academic Planning Form

OPTION #1: Meet with a Sociology Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors can review the SOCY requirements with you and begin an Academic Planning Form for you. Once a plan is created, it will be shared with the Undergraduate Advisor for review and final approval. Students will receive an email from once the plan is approved and on file. Visit a Peer Advisor during their drop-in advising hours, held on Zoom and in-person. 

Note: Peer Advisors are not able to access your records in MyUCSC. Please be prepared to share your screen (Zoom) or log-in to your account on one of our computer stations (in-person), if there is a need to review your record.


OPTION #2: Submit a Request for an Academic Plan

Complete our Sociology Request for an Academic Plan online form and we will create an Academic Planning Form for you. Plans are typically created by a Sociology Peer Advisor, then shared with the Undergraduate Advisor for final review and approval. Expect an email from within 5-7 days of submitting the request. This process may take longer if you submit a request during holidays and campus closures such as the Winter Holiday or Spring Break.


OPTION #3: Meet with the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor

For plans that may be more complicated, or if you are adding Sociology as a second major, schedule an appointment with the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor through Navigate Slug Success. Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.


OPTION #4: Create your own plan and share it us

Students are welcome to create their own Academic Planning Form, as long as they share the plan with the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor for review and official approval. Follow the steps below to create your own plan.

Step 1: Find the appropriate sample plan for your selected major:

Step 2: Make a copy of the sample plan. In the sample plan go to File > Make a Copy. Now you have an editable version of the sample plan.

Step 3: Fill out the top section of the Academic Planning Form, including your name, student ID, UCSC email address, and College affiliation.

Step 4: Update the SOCY courses you have taken or are in progress, if applicable. This may include: quarter and year you took the lower-division major qualification courses; if you substituted SOCY 3A or SOCY 3B with a different approved course; upper-division electives or elective course substitutions you have taken; or if you have taken SOCY courses in the summer.

Step 5: Adjust the remaining SOCY requirements in the sample plan. For any requirements you have remaining in the major you may change the quarter they are planned, however, please first ensure the course is offered in that quarter. Refer to the major requirements in the second tab at the bottom of the sample plan, as well as the annual course offerings as you create your plan. Elective requirements in the major can be listed as placeholders, "SOCY Upper Division Elective," rather than selecting specific electives.

Step 6: Once you have created your draft plan, share the plan with Click on the "Share" button in the upper right hand corner > enter > ensure the "Notify People" box is checked > click the Send button. The Undergraduate Advisor will review the plan you provided and make a copy of it to create a version that will be placed on file (accessible by all campus advisors). Expect a follow-up email from