Designated Emphasis

To receive the Designated Emphasis (DE) in Sociology, a graduate student from another department must complete the following requirements in addition to the degree requirements for the doctorate in their degree-granting department. Students must initiate the request for the DE through their home departments. Then the student must meet with the Sociology Graduate Director who will: a) decide whether to approve the application; b) help find a Sociology Faculty Advisor; and c) oversee progress in the Designated Emphasis.

Advisor: In addition to the student’s advisor(s) in their home department, the student must have a Faculty Advisor from among the core faculty of the Sociology Department who commits to serve on the Qualifying Exam committee. Outside members of a QE committee must be tenured.

Courses: The student must take five (5) Sociology graduate seminar courses:

Two (2) core courses:
   SOCY 201 The Making of Classical Theory
   SOCY 202 Contemporary Sociological Theory

One (1) methods course from the following:
   SOCY 203 Sociological Methods
   SOCY 204 Methods of Quantitative Analysis
   SOCY 205 Field Research Methods
   SOCY 206 Comparative Historical Methods
   SOCY 209 The Analysis of Cultural Forms
   SOCY 241 Cross-National and Cross Cultural Research
   SOCY 242 Feminist Research Seminar
   SOCY 282 Social Policy Research

Two (2) other graduate seminar electives* offered by Sociology

*Socy208, Socy250, Socy293, Socy297, Socy299 cannot be counted towards the requirements for the Designated Emphasis.

All courses must be offered by the Sociology Department. Courses offered by other departments do not count towards the requirements for the Designated Emphasis in Sociology.

Writing: The student must prepare a significant piece of scholarly writing in the area of sociology. This may take the form of a substantial seminar paper, a master’s essay, a paper submitted for publication, or a chapter of the doctoral dissertation. The student’s Sociology Faculty Advisor will determine whether a particular piece of writing meets the requirement.

When the student has completed all requirements for the Designated Emphasis, they should complete the application form (on file with the Sociology Graduate Program Coordinator), have it signed by their Sociology Faculty Advisor, and return the signed form to the Sociology Graduate Program Coordinator. The Graduate Director will review the entire application to certify fulfillment of all requirements for the Designated Emphasis in Sociology, and the student’s home department will be notified that the student has met the requirements for a Designated Emphasis in Sociology.

Graduate students interested in pursuing the Designated Emphasis in Sociology should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.