Graduate Awards

Jessica L. Roy Memorial Award

This award honors the work and memory of Jessica L. Roy, who was a graduate student in the Sociology department at UC Santa Cruz. Jessica Roy earned an M.A. in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz in June 2004. Two months later, while engaged in her dissertation fieldwork in Kenya, she was killed in a vehicular accident near Nairobi. Her research in rural Africa was designed to illuminate the problem of access to safe water resources and the influence of gender relations on this access. Her approach was interdisciplinary, including environmental, feminist, and sociological perspectives. After Jessica’s death, her friends and family created the Jessica Roy Memorial Award, with the goal of supporting the kind of research in which she was engaged and continuing her legacy of involvement and commitment to social justice. According to the award terms, graduate students in any UC Santa Cruz department may apply. Preference will be given to applicants with a demonstrated interest in or pursuing studies focusing on issues of equity and poverty in international development, especially in relation to women and the environment. The Award is based on academic merit. It is intended to provide a stipend to support fieldwork travel and research.

This year's application materials are due by 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Please email the Sociology Graduate Program Coordinator if you have any questions.


  • Graduate student at UCSC
  • Demonstrated interest in or pursuing studies focusing on issues of equity and poverty in international development, especially in relation to women and the environment
  • Strong academic record
  • Fieldwork travel and research

Award Amount
$2,000 total available for award
Depending on the applicant pool, there will be upto two awardees

Application Instructions

Submit the following materials to Graduate Coordinator by the deadline:

A.    Application form

B.    Project statement

  • Please provide a clear and coherent description of the goals and methods of your research project.  Your statement should also demonstrate your interest in, and/or how you will be, exploring questions about poverty, environment and international development, especially in relation to women. Please also enumerate your academic and personal goals (both short-term and long-term). This statement should be no more than 1,500 words. Please include your name on each page and use a 12-point font, and 1.5- or double-space format.

C.    Project budget

  • Submit as a separate document, a brief budget outlining the expenses to be supported by the award, which is intended to provide stipends to support fieldwork travel and research. This section should be no more than one page. Please include your name.

D.    Copy of unofficial UCSC transcripts

Previous recipients

2021: Ankit Sharma, Sociology
          Lucia Vitale, Politics
2020: Mette Frederiksen, Politics
2019: Ka-eul Yoo, Literature
          Erick Msumanje, Film and Digital Media
2018: Hallie Kampman, Environmental Studies
          Yvonne Sherwood, Sociology         
          Rachel Voss, Environmental Studies
2016: Isabelle Carbonell, Digital Film & Media
           Shunnan Chiang, Sociology
2015: Jenny Lovell, Environmental Studies
2014: Costanza Rampini, Environmental Studies
2013: Anjali Dutt, Psychology
2012: Chris Butler, Sociology
2011: Tiffany Wise-West, Environmental Studies
2010: Roseann Cohen, Environmental Studies
2009: Ariana Kalinic, Sociology
2008: Nichole Zlatunich, Sociology


Sociology of Race, Class and Gender Award

The Sociology of Race, Class and Gender Graduate Award is a merit-based award for dissertation research that contributes to social science and public understanding on race, class and gender within the United States (and may also include one or more additional nations) that relates to, but is not limited to, health, education, language, environment, work, culture, and the economy. Eligibility is limited to UCSC sociology graduate students who have advanced to candidacy.

Previous recipients

2012: Susy Zepeda for her Ph.D dissertation prospectus plus chapter: "Gloria Anzaldua: Altars, Archives, and Opening up the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands."

2017: Claudia Lopez for her Ph.D. dissertation:"The Life-Cycle of Forced Migration: The Lives and Politics of Internally Displaced Peasants in Medellin, Colombia."

2020: Nadia Roche for her Ph.D. disserttion:"Unruly Labia: Female Cosmetic Surgery and the Production of Normality."

2021: Michelle Parra for her Ph.D. dissertation prospectus: "Examining (Upwardly) Mobile Latinas’ Relationship to Heteronormativity."


Fanny Carruthers Sociology Scholarship

Anne Jane "Fanny" Carruthers Howard died on February 15, 1972. She left a portion of her estate in a trust. Her bequest designated that her trust be used to fund scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students attending the University of California at Santa Cruz. Held up in the courts for many years, the trust was finally terminated and the balance was distributed as an outright gift to UC Santa Cruz to be administered pursuant to the donor's request. Beginning in 2005, the Fanny Carruthers Sociology Scholarship Fund will be used to fund the Fanny Carruthers Award in Sociology. One or more awards will be made annually, based on financial need and academic merit, to female undergraduate or graduate students of UC Santa Cruz who are graduates of Santa Clara County high schools and who are majoring in any concentration or track within sociology.

Previous recipients:

2009: Claudia Lopez