Candace West

DivisionSocial Sciences Division
DepartmentSociology Department
AffiliationsHumanities Division,
Feminist Studies Department
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Office HoursTuesdays 3:30-5:30pm; and by appointment
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Santa Cruz, CA

Research Interests

Language and social interaction; sociology of gender; conversation analysis; microanalysis and medicine.

Biography, Education and Training

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Selected Publications

  • West, Candace, Lazar, Michelle and Kramarae, Cheris. 1997. "Gender in Discourse." Pp. 119-142 in Teun A. van Dijk (ed), Discourse: A Multidisciplinary Introduction (2vols.). London: Sage.

  • West, Candace. 1996. "Ethnography and Orthography: A (Modest) Methodological Proposal." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 26 25:327-352.

  • West, Candace. 1996. "Goffman in Feminist Perspective." Sociological Perspectives. 39:353-369.

  • West, Candace. 1996. "Die konversationelle Kompetenz van Frauen am Beispil van Arztinnen." Pp. 173-199 in Senta Troomel- Ploetz (ed), Frouengesprache: Sprache der Verstandigung (in German). Frankfurt, Germany: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag.

  • West, Candace, and Fenstermaker, Sarah. 1995. "(Re)Doing Difference: A Reply." Gender & Society 9:506-513.

  • West, Candace, and Fenstermaker, Sarah. 1995. "Doing Difference." Gender & Society 9:8-37. (Reprinted in Esther Chow, Doris Wilkinson and Maxine Baca Zinn (eds.), Common Bonds, Different Voices: Race, Class and Gender. Newbury Park: Sage, 1996; reprinted in Mary Roth Walsh (ed.) Women, Men, and Gender: Ongoing Debotes, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1997).

  • West, Candace. 1995. "Women's Competence in Conversation." Discourse & Society 6:107-131.

  • West, Candace, and Fenstermaker, Sarah. 1993. "Ethnomethodology and 'Idealist Determinism': Reply to Wilson." Pp. 357-361 in Paula England (ed), Theory on Gender/Feminism on Theory. New York: Aldine.

  • West, Candace, and Fenstermaker, Sarah. 1993. "Power, Inequality and the Accomplishment of Gender: An Ethnomethodological View." Pp. 151-174 in Paula England (ed), Theory on Gender/Feminism on Theory. New York: Aldine.

  • West, Candace, and Fenstermaker, Sarah. 1993. "The Omnirelevance of Sex Category: Reply to Tuana." Pp. 298-299 in Paula England (ed), Theory on Gender/Feminism on Theory. New York: Aldine.

  • West, C. 1993. "Reconceptualizing Gender in Physician-Patient Relationships." Social Science and Medicine, 36:57-66.

  • _____. 1992. "Rethinking 'Sex Differences' in Conversational Topics: It's Not What They Say but How They Say It." Advances in Group Processes, 9:131-162.

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  • Fenstermaker, Sarah, West, Candace, and Zimmerman, Don H. 1991."Gender Inequality: New Conceptual Terrain." Pp. 289-307 in Rae Lesser-Blumberg (ed), Gender, Family and Economy: The Triple Overlap. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

  • West, Candace. 1990. "Not just 'Doctors' Orders': Directive-Response Sequences in Patients' Visits to Women and Men Physicians." Discourse and Society, 1:85-113. (Reprinted on pp. 147-176 in Susanne Gunthner and Helga Kotthoff (eds.), Die Geschlechter im Gesprach: Kommunikation in Institutionen (in German). Stuttgart: J. B. MetzlerscheVerlagsbuchhandlung, 1992.)

  • West, Candace, and Garcia, Angela. 1988. "Conversational Shift Work: A Study of Topical Transitions Between Women and Men." Social Problems 35:551-575.

  • West, Candace, and Zimmerman, Don H. 1987. "Doing Gender." Gender & Society 1:125-151. (Reprinted on pp. 13-37 in Judith Lorber and Susan A. Farrell (eds.), The Social Construction of Gender. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1991; and in Janis S. Bohan (ed), Seldom Seen, Rarely Heard: Women's Place in Psychology. Boulder: Westview Press, 1992; and in Carol N. Jacklin (ed), The Psychology of Gender. New York: New York University Press, 1992.)

Courses Taught

SOCY 143 Conversation Analysis
SOCY 144 Sociology of Women
SOCY 149 Sex and Gender
SOCY 161 Animals and Society
SOCY 203 Sociological Methods