Walter L Goldfrank

TitleProfessor Emeritus
DivisionSocial Sciences Division
DepartmentSociology Department,
Latin American & Latino Studies
OfficeCollege Eight 305
Office HoursBy appointment; contact by e-mail
Campus Mail StopCollege Eight Faculty Services
Mail1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA

Research Interests

Global political economy with special attention to the rise and decline of nations; social movements and revolutions; export agriculture and its impact on environmental and social conditions; social change; historical sociology; world systems.

Biography, Education and Training

B.A., Harvard

Certificate in Sociology, University of Madrid

Ph.D., Columbia University

Selected Publications

  • Goldfrank, W.L. 2000. "Paradigm Regained? The Rules of Wallerstein's World-Sysem Method," Journal of World-System Research XI, 2.

  • Goldfrank, W.L., Derlugian, G.M. 2000. "Introduciton: Repetition, Variation, and Transmutation as Scenarios for the Twenty-First Century," in G.M. Derlugian and S.L. Greer, eds. Questioning Geopolitics. Westport, CT.:Praeger.

  • Goldfrank, W. L. 1999. "Beyond Cycles of Hegemony: Economic, Political, and Military Factors." In V. Bornschier and C. Chase-Dunn, eds. The Future of Global Conflict. London and Thousand Oaks, CA.: Sage Publications.

  • Goldfrank, W.L. 1999. "Cycles, Spirals, and Transcendence," Political Power & Social Theory, 13.

  • Goldfrank, W.L. Goodman, D., and Szasz, A., eds. 1999. Ecology and the World System. Westport, CT.: Greenwood Press.