Sociology Graduate Students

Megan Alpine
  • Title
    • PhD Candidate
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Sociology Department
  • Affiliations Writing Program
  • Phone
    (831) 459-3168
  • Email
  • Office Location
    • Rachel Carson College Academic Building, 211
  • Office Hours Winter 2020 - Thursdays 1-2pm, Rachel Carson College room 322
  • Mail Stop Rachel Carson College Faculty Services
  • Courses Graduate Student Instructor, Writing 2 - Winter, Spring 2018; Winter, Spring, Fall 2019; Winter 2020; Teaching Fellow, Sociology 105A - Summer 2018, Summer 2019; Teaching Assistant, Sociology 3A - Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018; Teaching Assistant, Sociology 105B - Winter, Summer 2017; Teaching Assistant, Sociology 105A - Fall 2015, Summer 2016; Teaching Assistant, Sociology 196A/B - Spring 2017; Teaching Assistant, Sociology 10 - Winter 2016; Teaching Assistant, Sociology 1 - Summer 2016; Teaching Assistant, Education 178 - Spring 2016

Research Interests

Most broadly, I am interested in how people try to be "good people."

This interest has informed a wide range of research projects: a content analysis of the radio show, This American Life, where I examined how the show facilitated listeners' ability to see themselves as tolerant, open-minded, and multiculturally-aware; review of the sociological literature on nonprofit organizations and on morality and values, with a eye toward the relationship between nonprofits' stated values and their everyday practices; and currently, in my dissertation work, a study of how university instructors make sense of and implement curricular goals in teaching a new academic literacy course for first-year students.

Biography, Education and Training

MA, Sociology - University of California, Santa Cruz, Winter 2016

BA, Sociology & Anthropology - Lewis & Clark College, Spring 2011

Personal Bio: When I am not grading papers or working on my dissertation, you will likely find me wearing roller skates as a coach, captain, and skater with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls.

Rent Burden: 45 percent (what's this?)

Selected Publications

2015. “Crafting Feel-Good Multiculturalism in This American Life.” Berkeley Journal of Sociology 59:55-63. (

Selected Presentations

2018. "From Writing to Speaking in the Introductory Sociology Classroom." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association, March 29, Long Beach, CA. 

Teaching Interests

I currently teach Writing 2 with the UCSC Writing Program during Winter and Spring quarters. My course centers on helping students overcome their fears, anxieties, and misguided assumptions about college writing.