Kyle Rod Galindez
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Summary of Expertise

I am broadly interested in exploring the categories, methods, and cartographies through which we can anaylze historically specific processes of capitalist urbanization in light of Henri Lefebvre's "planetary urbanization" hypothesis. My research investigates the interactions between capital, the state, and social movements, examining how these interactions produce particular urban-environmental ideologies and how they are factors in driving urbanization. My dissertation explores these topics through an historical-comparative study of the island of Guam, specifically through comparing periods of urban and environmental conflict between the military, the tourist industry, and social movements. 
I draw on six decades of documents produced by the military, urban policy makers, and social movements. The project aims to unsettle prevailing notions of what urbanization is, how we ought to approach the nexus of urban and environmental problems, and to advance contemporary debates on the epistemological foundations for critical urban theory today. 

Research Interests

Urbanization; Nature; Politics and the State; Ideology, Imaginaries, Fantasy; Oceania and Pacific Studies; Historical Sociology; Qualitative Methods 

Biography, Education and Training

BA, Sociology - University of Cincinnati (2011)

MA, Sociology - University of Cincinnati (2014)

Reviewer - Environmental Sociology (2016) 

Certificate in Disciplinary Communication for Sociology (Fall 2018)

Co-Assistant Editor: ASA Community and Urban Sociology Newsletter (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)

Honors, Awards and Grants

Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Program - $5000 research grant (UC Santa Cruz, 2017)

Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship (UC Santa Cruz, 2015 - 2021)

Charles Phelps Taft Undergraduate Senior Research Fellow Award - $3000 award (University of Cincinnati, 2011)

Horace J. Wolf Prize for outstanding graduating undergraduate  (University of Cincinnati, 2011)


“Most Likely to Start a Revolution,” sociology graduate student awards (University of Cincinnati; 2014)

Selected Publications

Book Review of Civil Unrest and Governance in Hong kong: Law and Order from Historical and Cultural Perspectives (Routledge, 2017) edited by Michael H.K. Ng and John D Wong in Asian Journal of Law and Society

Selected Presentations

“The Political Ecology of Military Urbanization on Guam" at the Memorial Conference Celebrating the Life & Work of James Richard O’Connor: 30 Years of Capitalism, Nature, Socialism. UCSC. Santa, Cruz, CA. June, 2018.

“Russian Colonization in Shaping the Origins of the Aral Sea Tragedy, 1860-1917” at the 6th Annual UCLA History Graduate Students Association Conference, “Contexts of Crisis: Danger, Opportunity, and the Unknown.” UCLA. Los Angeles, CA. April, 2017

"Keep Calm and Go (Communist?) Camping: Practicing Alternatives to Capitalism" at the UC Santa Cruz Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society annual conference; Santa Cruz, CA, April, 2016 

"Defend Mother Earth! ...and Sign My Petition? Metaphors, Tactics, and Environmental Movements" at the North Central Sociological Annual Meeting; Cincinnati, OH, 2014 

Teaching Interests

Courses taught:

SOCY 15 World Society (UC-Santa Cruz; Summer I 2017; Sumer II 2018)
SOC 1001 Introduction to Sociology (University of Cincinnati; Fall 2014) 
SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context (Miami University - Middletown; Fall 2014; Spring 2015)
SOC 3007 Environmental Sociology (University of Cincinnati; Spring 2014; Spring 2015) 


Teaching Assistant:


SOCY 105A Classical Social Theory (UC-Santa Cruz; Fall 2018

SOCY 15 World Society (UC-Santa Cruz; Fall 2017)

SOCY 177E Eco-Metropolis (UC-Santa Cruz; Winter 2017)

SOC 1001 Introduction to Sociology (University of Cincinnati; Fall 2012; Fall 2013) 

SOC 3041 Sociology of Education (University of Cincinnati; Spring 2013)



SOCY 176A Work and Society (UC-Santa Cruz; Spring 2017)
SOCY 178Z Sociology of Disability (UC-Santa Cruz; Summer 2016)
SOCY 126 Sociology of Sexualty (UC-Santa Cruz; Fall 2015; Summer 2016) 
SOCY 119 Sociology of Knowledge (UC-Santa Cruz; Winter 2016)