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James Demetrios Sirigotis
  • Title
    • PhD Candidate
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Sociology Department
  • Affiliations History of Consciousness Department
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    • Rachel Carson College Apartment Building 1, 211
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  • Mail Stop Rachel Carson College
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    • 1156 High St.

Summary of Expertise

My research looks at the political emotion and political economy of climate adaptation in California, with a focus on financialization, orientations toward future environmental and economic threats, and uneven landscapes of risk and resilience. I am interested in how urban designers, residents, climate scientists, and financiers relate to an uncertain future, the models and mechanisms through which they project and anticipate possible futures, and the implications this carries for what people imagine as politically (im)possible. I explore these ideas by tracing the historical unfolding of water infrastructure projects, the sentiments surrounding them, and their financing in California from the 1950s to the present.

Research Interests

Finance, political emotion and affect, infrastructure, social and political theory, urban political ecology, climate change, urban design

Biography, Education and Training

Rent Burden: 65% (what's this?)

Graduate students at UC Santa Cruz face severe rent burden, often spending over 50% of our income on housing. We are precarious and we are indispensable.

Teaching Interests

I enjoy teaching social and political theory, sociology of emotions, environmental and urban sociology, as well as human geography.