Sociology Colloquium Series

The overarching goal of the Sociology Colloquium Series is to build intellectual engagement and community in our department for faculty and graduate students alike. 

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the colloquium committee will be focusing on the following three types of events: those in which we share our own research; those in which we invite outside speakers whose work is related to the research interests of the department; and brown-bag professionalization workshops for graduate students.

Most colloquia will be held on Thursdays 12-1:45PM; College 8 room 301. Check individual listings.

    Fall Quarter

  • Tracy Perkins - Headshot

    October 02

    3:00-4:30PM College 8, Room 301

    Tracy Perkins

    “From Protest to Policy:  The Political Evolution of California Environmental Justice Activism, 1980s to 2010’s” (Flyer-PDF)

    This talk explores tensions between strategies of protest and policy-making in environmental justice activism over time. It traces the history of three decades of environmental justice activism in California, with a focus on the growing engagement with the state through policy advocacy. Perkins places this slow shift in the form of environmental justice activism within the context of the professionalization of the non-profit sector and the shifting racial politics that accompany the continued growth of California’s majority people of color population. She uses theories of social movement channeling, color-blind racism and neoliberalism to shed light on the dilemmas faced by contemporary environmental justice advocates in their efforts to build a just, sustainable society.

    Tracy Perkins is a Ph.D. Candidate and Teaching Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She specializes in environmental sociology and social movements and holds a M.S. in Community Development from the University of California, Davis. See more of her work at

  • Jerry Flores - Headshot

    October 10 (Friday)

    12:00-1:45PM College 8, Room 301

    Jerry Flores
    Ford Foundation Fellow
    UC President's Post-Doctoral Fellow
    Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Washington-Tacoma

    "Keys to the Fellowship and Academic Application Process" (Flyer-PDF)

    This professionalization workshop will address the keys to writing a successful fellowship application -- including the Pre-Doctoral, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral fellowships -- and tenure track job application. Flores will address the differences between these application processes and provide an overview of these processes. This session will consists of two parts: a presentation of the different application processes and an question and answer portion. If you are currently working on a fellowship application or a job application please bring in your questions for the question and answer portion.

    Jerry Flores is a Ford Foundation Fellow, UC President's Post Doc and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice in the Social Work program at the University of Washington-Tacoma. His research investigates how Latinas negotiate gender and violence in a California juvenile detention facility and in a continuation school that is connected to the facility. Along with understanding how violence is created in institutions of confinement, his study sheds light on the changing contours of the American educational system.  His research also shows how the context of both education and incarceration is changing during this very punitive era. Finally, his work provides a microanalysis of Chicanas passing through the school to prison pipeline. His other research areas include ethnographic research methods, studies of race/ethnicity and issues dealing with institutional and interpersonal pharmaceutical abuse